Uršula Berlot: Vanitas

7. 9.–29. 9. 2012

Sound video installation
Sound Scanner – Robin Rimbaud
Project Vanitas is a multi-media installation, a sound installation with a video projection that explores the relation between identity, perception and body, in connection with a classic art theme – vanitas. It addresses the issue of what is today a difficultly defined border between the mental, the organic or bodily, and the artificial, technological, with the author leaning on contemporary scientific theories about the neurological functioning of our body and the anatomy. The project explores new forms of possible connections between art and science, and is based on a number of experiments with radiological techniques of body-screening (magnetic resonance, classic x-ray), carried out with the help of the Radiology institute at the University Medical Center of Ljubljana.
Uršula Berlot works as a visual artist, art theorist and lecturer and is devoted to the linking of art and science. Her artistic practice is directed into working with perception and consciousness, and exploring different states and forms of mental cerebral landscapes in light and kinetic installations.