Tanja Radež: Collection of collections

11. 5.–31. 5. 2012

Tanja Radež has been working for a number of years and has produced an amazing graphic design opus, presenting a retrospective exhibition in KiBela. Tanja Radež was born in the iron-industry town of Jesenice. She chose designing as her profession when she was fifteen. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Visual Communications, Ljubljana. In 1989 she formed the TANDAR studio with two of her classmates, and created for twelve years in the field of design and creating new spaces. To the two dimensions of visual communications she has permanently added a third one, supported by contents and concepts. Today she is working creatively in the field of culture, education and science in her own studio, and helps creating contemporary spaces and events. For eighteen years she has continuously published and designed original author planners. Her everyday life is enriched by creative research that she has termed OSTALGIJE (ostalgias), which in her language stands for author research and an upgrade of what we are leaving behind. She writes about her subject, searches for new values in used goods and transforms them, creates imaginary spaces on the basis of collective memory and tracks, reinterprets the visible remains of the recent history.