Situation 03: Tonic IQ

Slaven Bandić, Cedrik Fermont, Robertina Šebjanič, Sanja Kuveljić

18. 5. 2012

The group of authors sums up materials of their frequency phenomena research, stylistic deconstructions, modular structures and a combination of synthesized digital and analogue visual image into an audio-visual performance entitled Situation 03: Tonic IQ. With the help of digital tools the audio-visual organization creates unpredictable synergies of sound and image, which, in their abstract variability, move at the borderline of meanings, and direct the visitors to a multi-directional, intuitive perception of the audible and the visual. Through the dialogic entwinement of sound and video image, such a dynamic of the emotional from the auditory field is also being translated to the visual field, which allows for an additional enhancement of the spectator’s perception.
Aluviana (Slaven Bandić) is thematically close to the experimental industrial dark ambient/noise music. So far he has published 2 albums and 3 EPs.
C-drík (Cedrik Fermont), owner of Belgian Syrphe Records, has met artists and creators from all over the globe on his never-ending world tour, and has worked alongside a number of projects on experimental, industrial and ambient music.
Sanja Kuveljić is a sociologist who has been working as producer of cultural projects at the DUM Association in Ljubljana since 2006. As a vocalist she participates in the sonic project Aluviana. In terms of creative principles, she is mainly interested in the experimental aspect of sound and image, which create, through intuitive processing, an illusion of reality.
Robertina Šebjanič’s work is currently focused around the construction of new imaginary worlds – finding the ratio between the real and the irrational, as well as playing with the limits of the spectator’s sensory perception, often through an interdisciplinary and informal cooperation with other authors. Since 2008 onwards she is program co-creator and coordinator of educational and art programs in Ljudmila.