Petra Varl: Signs II

14. 2.–31. 12. 2012

In cooperation with the Primož Premzl Art Office, 8 Slovenska street, Maribor
An upgrade of Signs from Kibela 2010 into an urban installation – installing signs over the town of Maribor during the European Capital of Culture 2012, with a book presentation, thematically linked to the solo exhibition at the Mali salon, Rijeka in Croatia.
In Petra Varl’s creative opus drawing occupies the key position and represents the starting point for all future explorations that she undertakes. The created stories stem from a personal, intimate universe. The narrative is simple – delivered only by basic outlines, declared clearly – in a recognizable language, so it can easily be understood, even internalized and thus made to become our own. Lines connect into visual images, the latter molted into signs that address us convincingly, and so the images suddenly reflect our own story.
The signs, similar to the traffic signs we meet on our everyday ways, but unlike them they do not ban or warn; they speak of desires, cravings, yearnings, perhaps even memories. They speak the language of love – passionate and wacky, friendly and family love, love for pets, and the love for all those little things that make us richer.