Mirjana Rukavina: Closeness and other stories

9. 3.–31. 3. 2012

“The photographic opus Closeness and other stories displays photos, portraits, acts, situations of specific people, whom I usually meet in the streets or I know them personally. The chosen people are not professional models and have no experiences whatsoever with posing.” (Mirjana Rukavina)
A part of the project originates in another photographic project, Beauty Archives 2002–04, which was publicized in the international magazine for contemporary art photography Camera Austria, Graz, and exhibited at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna as well as the multimedia center KIBLA in Maribor.
Exibition Closeness and other stories consider the different forms of self-representation and the contemporary phenomena of (pop) culture as well. It thereby explores the visual and content-concerning expressive prospects of contemporary portrait and act, and questions the limits of contemporary artistic portrait and act.
“Personally I am interested in the position, or value of glamour in the artistic portrait. How are glamour – aesthetization and the documentary related: disclosure, a demonstration of discomfort of the portrayed person? That is – what is it that defines the contemporary portrait?” notes author Mirjana Rukavina.