Lichtungen 129/2012

Literary magazine presentation
Literature from the former European capital of culture Graz
In the year of European capital of culture 2012 in Maribor, the literary magazine Lichtungen continues their year-long partnership between Graz and Maribor with an extensive cross-border literary project. Edition 129/2012 thus features selected texts by twelve authors from both Maribor and Graz, in Slovenian and German, presented through four readings – two in Graz and two in Maribor.
Authors presented at KIBLA: Olga Flor, Valerie Fritsch, Wilhelm Hengstler, Reinhard Lechner, Friederike Schwab, Birgit Pölzl. Slovenian translations read by Ana Jasmina Oseban and Daniela Kocmut (Graz).