Jože Slak – Đoka: Peasant paintings

5. 4. –7. 5. 2012

With the cycle of paintings entitled Med snovjo in praznino (Between matter and void) Jože Slak – Đoka has taken a step forward, abandoning entirely the classic painting medium in some of the works. The images thus ‘float’ in space. Their only materialities are the chromatic layers, intense and thick in some places, and almost transparent in others – resembling holograms. The works from Med snovjo in praznino are a sequence to the development line set by the exhibitions Slike za slepe (Paintings for the blind), showing at Mala galerija in Ljubljana in 2006 (winner of the Prešeren foundation award) and Okostja (Skeletons), on display at the Božidar Jakac gallery in Kostanjevica in 2007.
Slak is testing the observer’s eye and his ability of perception by ‘abstract illusionism’. He explores new ways of ‘viewing’, addressing them from both, the physiological and the psychological aspect. The wider background of his creative work is based, among other things, on some of the latest scientific findings, neurophysiologic and biological conceptions of man and learning, as well as the sociological, systemic interpretations of the structure of the world. He is concerned with the primary, universal processes of joining and separation, applying them to his artistic practice under the influence of different scientific and parascientific disciplines.