Jaša & Jyrki Riekki: Friendy war

10. 2.–5. 3. 2012

There are days meant for those who love,
there are days to do some good.
Days to sit around and whine about,
still there are days where you need to pick a friend
and declare war.
A group installation of epic proportions physically conquers the central part of the Kibla exhibition space, and spill all around, content-wise, to submit the other spaces as well. An intersection of two practices in a perfect fusion of a multi-layered spatial installation: Jaša and Jyrki Riekki are stepping up to this project together because of the wish for excessive materials and contents, hence the title Friendly war; attending a deliberately aggressive approach to matter, contents and public. The installation also intensely involves the element of performance, by Jaša and their colleagues.
Jaša (Mrevlje) was born 1978 in Ljubljana. Between 1999 and 2005 he was a member of the international art group Crash in Progress. He studied at the academy in Venice (Accademia di Belle Arti), where since 2008 he is operating as co-worker in the F Carlo Di Raco atelier as lecturer and head of visiting lectures, curator of final exhibitions and mentor of the summer optional classes.
“The essence of my work is an intense interaction between the malleable artistic matter and the realistic environment – direct responses.” (Jaša)
Jyrki Riekki, born 1976 in Oulu, Finland. Lives and works in Finland. Typical clean-line ethos for a tumultuous saunter through the socio-politico-psychologico-cataclysmico commentario. He practices what he calls ‘creative violence’. It’s like the Sigmund Freud’s concept of sublimation where you channel what would normally be a destructive activity into a constructive one.