Igor Bravničar: Casino

7. 9.–29. 9. 2012

Interactive project with light-boxes
In a slow and programmed transition lightboxes change their light spectrum and intensity – they live a life of their own, coloring space. From each of them lead cables attached to consoles for manual control of the color specter and light intensity.
When the visitor ‘plays’, he alters the visible image on the surface of the lightbox. Controlling warm and cold lights inside the lightbox produces subtle color changes, invisible structures can turn visible, while the visible ones can dissolve. The haptic reflection of the structure of the artwork attracts the player’s attention, staring at the lightbox may take them to one of the rapt, timeless states.
The design includes four quadrangular boxes (with four different inversions, each of them introduces different color and structural bases) with one console and one box of elongated shape with two consoles – perhaps for two lovers to play at the same time.