EU-PA – Urban interventions

Urban interventions
1. 2.–6. 2. 2012

Urban art mapping and urban art interventions
Urban art mapping and urban art interventions, e.g. Koroška Street and Melje in Maribor, with content guide Maribor’s artist Mirjana Rukavina. With the participation of students from the University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design under the mentorship of Patricia Austin; International Centre for Art and New Technologies – CIANT from Prague, architects of the City of Jesolo, Italy and KIBLA, Maribor.
This international project supports gaining experience, dissemination and circling of new site-specific installations, interventions and creative environments on the basis of fieldwork and experiment. In workshops and creative labs, visions are being developed about urban interventions in the form of gallery or public space exhibitions, conferences and social events. Students and artists will present their findings about how to enhance the urban dimension by means of transdisciplinary artistic research and methodology at workshops, round-table discussions and conferences held in KIBLA, Maribor.