(DA)(NE)S Music cycle

Music cycle

This year’s edition of (DA)(NE)S festival focuses mainly on the artistic research by contemporary musicians, who are highly unconventional, notwithstanding that some of them have academic education – this year the stress lies on microtonal music and an alternative musical tuning on one side, and on less ordinary electronic artistic performances on the other.
Microtonal music highlights an aspect of music that is rarely exposed on Slovenian ground, since rhythm is usually the more comprehensive aspect in these parts. It focuses on a specific demonstration of music, which is created ‘in between individual piano keys’, i.e. microtonal music or music with alternative tuning. Sometimes this brings about literally new instrument creations, such that can serve better to the actualization of this musical principle. Selector of the microtonal music cycle program and the performances of various artists carried out throughout the year is Cameron Bobro.

Todd Harrop 10 Aug
Asja Grauf 10 Aug
Cameron Bobro and audience participation (microtonal workshop) 11 Aug
Zoran Ščekić in Ana Žgur 14 Sep
Aphra Tesla 21 Sep
Marco Donnarumma 5 Oct
Milan Guštar 12 Okt