Following a decade of creative work, poet, story-writer and performer Simona Kopinšek is breaking away from her typical theme of love, and deals with what is today an indispensable subject: BESNILO:TESNILO!
In today’s society there are more and more people who are ‘mentally impaired’, and a conviction that “anybody that’s angry or enraged … is a threat”. A direct threat to their nearest surrounding, and an indirect threat to the authorities that demand obedience. The creative team supporting Simona Kopinšek with a direct and versatile intertwinement of expression set up yet another mirror and all but friendly faces.
Simona Kopinšek (poetry, voice), Nebojša Beković (poetry, voice), Marko Luk (electronics), Tilen Turk (flute), Aleš Pogorevčnik (image)